About us

As cannabis experts in the industry, our executive and management team has experience from every professional business field. From operations to management, and sales to analytics, we have compiled all of our expertise into a transportation company that will rival all others with the goal of becoming the number one cannabis transportation company in California.

over 10 years in the Industry

Created in the wake of legalization in California, Secure Hauling was developed by CEO Brandon Morales and COO Randall Sims. While working as the Business Consultant for Randall's delivery company, PharmaLux, Brandon saw that Randall had a good delivery system in place to deliver cannabis products to individuals who needed it. With 2018 and full legalization right around the corner, Brandon came up with the idea to take Randall's business model and expand it to large scale products such as last mile retail delivery, distribution center long haul, flower/trim sales, and manufacturing oil.

With their respective knowledge, the ground floor for Secure Hauling was created. The next step was to find a competent CFO that could run the numbers and secure funding. Enter Rob Longo. His past experience in Finance and Accounting with startups is an invaluable asset to Secure Hauling. With the executive team set, Secure Hauling was ready to take off. A secure approach to transportation focusing on cargo vehicles set up with top of the line security systems and logistics was the first step. Brandon and Randall also wanted to give back to society by focusing their hiring efforts on veterans. Offering them jobs after returning is our way of saying thanks to those who have helped keep us safe.



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