Secure Deliveries

Our number one priority is security of our client's assets.  Our discrete, reliable and refrigerated vehicles are outfitted with cameras, GPS tracking and driver communication.  Add to that, standard features like driver-down buttons to immediately notify dispatchers and authorities that there is a potential issue, as-well as ex-military security personnel arriving with your goods.  We pull out all the stops to make sure your deliveries are completed safely and on-time so that you can meet your operational goals.

Our goal is to provide the finest in secure, compliant and insured asset transportation for cultivators, manufacturers and distribution centers.  We wish to create mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, and we will endeavor to link them with other businesses that we deal with, in order to help them distribute their brand and product to new areas.

World Class Logistics

Real Time Tracking

Part of our security installation is GPS tracking.
To protect our clients from any internal or external forces, our real time tracking provides up to the minute delivery information without the exact location. This will protect the delivery from any potential security breaches that may occur by showing when the driver will arrive but not from where.

Secure Hauling employs ex-military personnel who are trained in combat and security and undergo full Live-scan checks.  This personnel format provides peace of mind for our clients, so they know that their assets are safe and it allows Secure Hauling to give back to our veterans who have kept our nation safe by offering them employment.

Experienced Personnel

Professional and Insured Service

Secure Hauling insures our client's cargo for up to $500,000USD per load and we carry up to $2M in liability insurance.  We are registered with the DOT and the state of California and operate compliantly under a state issued distribution license.


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